"Body of Beast and Body of Light"

This video concept is designed to approach my personality through the Somartics emotional experience method. In the process of filming, I bring myself into the states of freely distributing impulses, allowing inner emotional disorder, trauma and drive to manifest through body movement, sound and expression. As a result of such a practice, reconfiguration of muscular-skeletal alignment occurs, along with emotional release and realization. Close contact with nature through interaction and touch is a necessary component here, as it gives the sensory feedback that there are limits for certain motions in the joints, which makes the risk of spontaneous injury very low. After the natural flow of impulses peaks and decreases, the whole psycho-physical entity of the individual enters a state of heightened sensitivity to the environment, gravity and inner energy, where more refined kinetic patterns of Tai Chi can be performed, bringing the whole nervous system and, subsequently, mental activity, into a state of tranquil presence where superficial muscular tensions disappear. This practice allows oneself to align the inner and outer dynamics of functioning and create a space for self-recovery.

Written and performed: Jonathan Rainin

Camera and montage: Vasily Martinovich

Voice: Kyle Shapiro