Somartics: Concept

Somartics = Somatics + Arts

Somatic (from the Greek σωματικός) means 'of the body' - relating to the body. Arts - ways of creative self-expression.

SOMARTICS – "Art, of the body"

We are movement artists. We are an international community of people, who research, develop, perform and teach movement disciplines; and create new ones. As a result of our team’s abilities and strong networks, among those disciplines are the following:


· Parkour, Tricking, Martial Arts

· Wire Shows, Aerial Acrobatics, Stunts

· Dance

Movement Research

· Somatic methods of movement re-education and therapy

· Rehabilitation techniques

· Body awareness and emotional experience in performance art

The body is a door, the body is a manifestation, the body is a vessel by which art can be expressed through, from the soul. Our prerogative here is flow: like water through soil, creative impulses project out from the heart through physical channels and materialize into movement and expression. Then, the body becomes the brush, the color and the canvas.

We are skilled athletes, enthusiastic teachers, innovative designers and professional performers.

We create movement.

We create "Art, of the Body".